Our Green Policy

Our Environment Statement

We are aware of our responsibilities to be environmentally conscious and have taken many initiatives in our new warehouse.  It is our aim to demonstrate a commitment to significantly reduce any environmental damage that our activities may cause. We achieve this by:

  1. Installing the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly plant to our coldstores.
  2. Installing energy efficient lighting throughout our premises including light-sensing and movement detection equipment.
  3. Implementing water usage measures to reduce consumption.
  4. Our Commercial Fleet purchases comply with the latest Euro 5 standard for reduced emissions. Wherever possible we seek to dual-life major components such as the refrigeration plant and truck body, thus reducing the need for additional raw material usage.
  5. All Waste Paper, Cardboard, Plastic and Toner cartridges are recycled. We are currently enhancing our electronic communications technology to reduce usage of paper.
  6. Wherever possible, we seek products that use the least environmentally damaging or recyclable packaging. We also actively seek local suppliers so we can reduce our Food Miles within the business.
  7. We are always looking for ethically sound solutions to the complex issues facing our planet and offer a range of Fairtrade and Organic products.


Our full Environment Policy can be viewed by following this link.